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Curious Film
Service is at the very core of Curious Film.
What this means in practice is listening and asking the right questions to understand the creative and financial strategic objectives of each unique project. Whether working with master filmmakers Taika Waititi and Feng, Xiaogang or emerging talent Lula Cucchiara we offer our experience, knowledge and passion to support the team to achieve their creative vision on time and on budget.
Curious works closely with government agencies, we are accredited with NZ immigration and have longstanding relationships with the NZ Film Commission, NZ’s professional guilds and the most talented and enthusiastic cast and crew. 
Our Service focus is:
Communication, sharing critical information to inform the best decisions for each production.

Transparency throughout the process with direct costs, compliance and fees.

Accountability, taking responsibility to deliver what we offer.

We’ve worked around the globe so we have a deep understanding of how much the whole experience during production benefits the finished project.